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Pig Roast Reviews

Turkey Roasting on Rotisserie

Martin & Lalaine:

We tried something else new this year and it came out great! Your rotisserie is so useful…not just for pigs…we made a turkey on it. Been wanting to try that for some time. Bought a nice 15lb, bird injected it just like we do when we deep fry them, and put it over the coals for just about 4 hours. Best turkey ever. My brother has a large turkey fry every year a few days before Thanksgiving. This year we hope to add a turkey spin to the proceedings and do maybe 5 or 6 turkeys at once on the rotisserie.

This picture is just at half way done...wish I had a picture of it when it was done, but it got gobbled up before I had the chance to even think about it.

Martin & Lalaine

Pig roasting on spit

Martin & Lalaine:

Well i've owned one of your great rotisseries for 4 years now .. still going strong .. i love it. i have the heavy duty single one ..and this year we cooked a 67.5 pound pig on it .. we usually cook for 12 or so hours but this time around we wanted to try something a little bit different .. we cooked for 20 hours and constantly basted with coconut milk .. came out great .. juicy inside crisp outside and fall apart tender. it went so fast after it was done that i never even got a picture but i do have a picture of when it was about half done .. sending that to you.

Thanks again for the great product,
Martin & Lalaine

Scout Troop Roasting Pig+

Jim Herman:

Thanks for another great pig. I counted them up, it was my eighth pig.


106 lbs, cooked over mesquite coals for 9 hours, fed 72 people, and I have 24 lbs packaged in my freezer.

Jim Herman,
Troop 99

Roasting Pig On Table

Gerry & Patthi Smith:

Hi Tom,

Just wanted to send you a picture and say thanks for the wonderful Suckling Pig ! We ordered on-line over the holidays and you did a great job getting it here right on time for our New Years Pig Roast! We were a little apprehensive, but our pig arrived still slightly frozen, completely cleaned and ready to go.

After a little basting with a "special sauce" my wife made up, we roasted it in our regular gas kitchen oven and, as you can see, it came out perfect! Not only was it a terrific break from the usual turkey, but the cooking and serving was really easy and made a fun and memorable day for all our guests.

We're already planning a BBQ / Fire Pit for a Goat or Lamb next year !

Gerry & Patti Smith
Marshall, CA

St. Patricks Day Roasting PigJim & Erin Frank:


We just wanted to say thank you again for your sponsorship at this last event. The meat you provided was great and, obviously, proved to be a winner! The pig was also a huge hit, more so with the adults, but some of the kids enjoyed it :) We are looking forward to working with you again at the many events coming up over the next 6 months.

We hope that you are as happy with the sponsorship as we were. Please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions about your upcoming event. We will be in touch soon in regards to the Rio Rancho event.

Thanks again,
Jim & Erin Frank


Thanks you so very much for getting my pig here!! I really appreciate all the extra effort you took to get my pig delivered for Christmas. Most companies would have not worked so hard and I really appreciate all you did. I hope I just can cook it right now!!!


Bernadette Guerrero-Dugan:


I just purchased a Boss Hawg for my brother's birthday. We are from Hawaii. The shipping was quick. The service was excellent. The product is superb. My brother had a sensational birthday. Thanks to all of you at McReynolds Farms.

Happy Holidays,
Bernadette Guerrero-Dugan

Roasted PigMartin & Lalaine:

You've got great customer service that's all I can say. Thanks for sending us that little wooden cone that helps the pig slide on to the spit easier, so fast and at no charge. Can't beat that! As you can see I’ve included a couple of pictures of the almost 70 pound pig we cooked for my sons 2nd birthday. My Wife and I started it in the very early morning and we cooked it for 12 hours this time. We also found out that using Bailing Wire and good pliers makes it so much faster and easier, connecting it to the spit and a surer connection too of course.

We still use butchers twine, truthfully actually we just use white yarn, to sew the belly shut. Another secret we realized this year was how much better it was to inject the marinade just like when we deep fry turkeys. I really do Love this machine just watching that pig slowly cook to sheer perfection is magical. Next year we're going to try and cook one for 18 hours. I just wish it was tomorrow!

Martin & Lalaine

Good friends ready for pig roast dinnerMark:

Hi Donna,

Our Dec. 6 Poker Night with Pig Roast was a big success. I cooked the pig in my barbeque and he turned out great! Our Chef Irene prepared all the side dishes and it was a super meal.

Attached are a few photos. Hope you can post our group photo on your website. Our group is called the "Elk Mountain St. Poker Team". We meet at my house the first Wed of each month for a gourmet dinner and evening of Texas Hold'em. Thanks again for all your help. Hope you like the photos.


Pig with ball in mouthTeresa Adair:

Perhaps you will recall I ordered a suckling pig as a surprise for my husband's 70th birthday. It was definitely a surprise.

I thought you might like to see how it turned out. I am attaching a picture of the finished product. You may use this photo as you desire.

I was very pleased with the quality of your service.

Thank you,
Teresa Adair

Whole roasting pig on rotisserie.Martin and Lalaine:

Here are a couple pics of todays pig roast .. july 16 th for my mother in laws 70th birthday .. she is here visiting from the philippines and this is just how they love em cooked there too on a spit .. lechon is what they call it there and now we can have lechon any time we want ..

we all love it .. it was a 68 pound pig dressed out .. now it weighs much much less and we all weight much much more not sure how many people we had over but they all got full and took plenty home too .. as you can see we dropped the charoal pan all the the way to the ground .. just to give us a little more room to move coal around and catch drippings from this nice fat pig .. stuffed in the filipino way for seasoning with scallions garlic bay leaves salt even some 7-up and i forget what else that was my wifes department.. rub the out side with soy sauce..

no basting at all and 6 hours to the minute later we were all eating .. and on top of that we only used 40 pounds of charcoal. thanks again for this great machine!

martin and lalaine

Beryl Johnson:

Dear McReyonlds,

Back in November I ordered a 35 pound suckling pig from you and your company. We spoke for a minutes on the phone. I live in the state of Virginia. I just want to write and to let you know that the pig arrived on time just like you said it would via UPS.

Everything was just about perfect including the delivery, the packaging, the freshness of the product, the predicted thawing time. I did not tell you that my friends and family were celebrating my 40th birthday. So...I decided to pit grill a suckling pig. Anyway, the suckling was an absolute hit, and everyone wanted to know where did I "find" this pig. I told them McReynold's Farm in Arizona, and now several folks want suckling pigs for their 40th birthday.

Thank you very much for your business, your kindness, and for your professionalism. Of course being amateur pig grillers it took us all day and all night to cook the pig properly. Nonetheless everyone had a great time at my birthday. Thank you again, and I will be contacting you and your business in the near future.

Beryl Johnson

Seasoned suckling pig.Ann Elizabeth:


Thanks again for all of your help.

I am sending you an album of pictures of the pig from (it is the only way I know how to do it).

Everyone loved it, it was very easy to cook, and it fit in the oven with room to spare!

Ann Elizabeth

Nancy Ostos:


Thanks so very much. The pig dinner was fabulous. It took about 7 hours to cook it on the BBQ gas grill, we figure the extra time was because the lid does not close as tightly as an oven. At the end, we bumped the temp from 250 degrees to about 400+ to brown it nicely. 

I have saved your web site, and told my friends. Thanks so much for your prompt help and speedy delivery.

Nancy Ostos


Thanks for everything the pig was awesome, I know I will be getting more for labor day

Thank you so much

Roasting Pig in SunglassesLoraine Griffin:

We were very happy with are pig. It was very tasty and one of the hits at the shower.

Alot of people asked about where we had gotten it and how it was cooked.

Picture one the pig, picture two my granddaughter, her husband to be Craig, and her son Hayden, picture three my husband holding bottle and are son-in-law and father of bride to be Keith.

Thank you,
Loraine Griffin

Roasting Pig in Cowboy HatDavid Lerch:

Porky on the platter

First off; It went better than I expected people loved looking at Porky on the pit & it was FUN to watch their faces & here their comments the best one I got was (& he was sincere) Did he squeal when you put him on the Pit = that one got a big smile Second; more people ate off Porky than I expected (my carver did a good job) it was fun to see some of their faces coming down the line looking at Porky especially the kids & some of women.

Thank you & may you have a wonderful life & holiday season.

David Lerch,
C.O.R.D. Cooking Team

Pig with pepper in mouthDoug Endrud:


We had a great New Years party and roasted this pig we picked up from you on Friday.

Thought you might like to see what he looked like before we cut into him!

Doug Endrud






Happy pig roast customersDavid Mansure:

The pigs were great! See attached pic.

David Mansure

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